Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

This is me:

Passionate about truly sustainable and simple living; other interests include Open Learning and eLearning, Social Justice and Community Resilience, Food Sovereignty, Permaculture and Emergency Preparedness.

I currently work as a career practitioner, helping people in their career planning and job searching as well as thinking outside the box to create their own jobs or going solo as entrepreneurs.

I also offer life coaching for those looking to clarify intentions and goals in their lives, careers and relationships. I am a certified career development practitioner and believe that what we do for a living (what we call “career”) is deeply attached to “life”, which includes values, ethics, intentions, relationships, causes and communities: our careers shouldn’t be disconnected to who we are or are called to be, and it is my intention to work with people to discover how we can make this true in a deeply wounded world where things seem to go more and more chaotic everyday.

On weekends and some days off, I teach Food Sovereignty workshops at different places such as UBC-Farm, Homestead Junction and the Sources Food Bank, among others. These workshops include all types of food preservation (from fermentation and pickling to canning) and making both dairy and non-dairy cheeses from scratch, vinegars, etc.

When I am not formally “working”, I volunteer for different organizations: I facilitate First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Workshops for ESL and other community groups (I am a certified FA trainer); maintain the  social media (blogs, Twitter and Facebook) of some groups such as  Surrey/White Rock Food Action Coalition, Cascadia Permaculture and many others.I am also the proud coordinator of a community garden, grow most of my vegetables and all my herbs at home and experiment with making my own cheese, yogurt, brad, fermented foods, vinegars, soaps…you name it!.

On occasions (more often than not) I present workshops on introduction to Permaculture and do both EP and Permaculture Design consultations. As a career counsellor with a strong call for Permaculture-life, I also offer consultations on the “right livelihood” and EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plans) for individuals and businesses…

My (formal) experience includes coordinating projects using ICT (Information and Communication technologies) in the classroom, use of Open Source, social media and free software for learning; research for different HR and ES projects, career coaching and adult education/workshop design and facilitation in areas of food security, community resilience, Permaculture, Emergency Preparedness, immigration and settlement, career planning and job search.

I am also still navigating the difficult but extremely rewarding and interesting adventure of being a mother of two wonderful boys.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
~ Chinese Proverb
Visit my blogs!
  • If you are considering to choose a career path (or change the one you already have) to lead a more sustainable, socially responsible and fulfilling life, please read here (or just follow this blog). This blog is mainly about career planning and entrepreneurship, adult education and the adventures of being an immigrant in Canada…
  • If you are interested in how to transform your everyday life and that of your family so you all become more resilient, self-sufficient and respectful of Nature without going broke, please read here.
  • If you have debts and/or are struggling with the everyday cost of living and want to live a more fulfilling life without being bankrupt, please read here.
  • If you want to learn more about Permaculture and its different applications in building resilience, communities, food sovereignty, reducing ecological footprint, etc., please read here.
  • If you want to learn more about how to be prepared for emergencies, respond to emergencies and engage your community and friends, please read here.

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  1. Thanks very much Silvia, for liking my comment in common network and thereby connecting me to your world of diverse interests. The header pic featuring you nestled between two rock formations against running waters behind is symbolic of passions and values you hold dear. May the journey continue and gather more traction. Best wishes… Raj.

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