Blog Update May 2014

Update on blogs:

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m completely revamping these blogs. You can expect new blogs to emerge covering the following topics:

  1. Career Planning for the Right Livelihood
  2. My Permaculture Journey
  3. Food Sovereignty
  4. Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Management and Permaculture
  5. Building your Energy Descent Action Plan – for Individuals, households and communities

This is going to be a long-term project, so please be patient. One of them: “Emergency Preparedness” is already alive, inspired by my first “true” project merging EP (Emergency Preparedness), PA (First Aid) and Permaculture. On July 25-28 I’ll be facilitating an EP/FA workshop for my friends at OUR Ecovillage in Shawnigan Lake!

Please feel free to visit the blog and play around with the pages/topics, if the issue interest you, please feel free to “follow” that blog of mine as well…any feedback on design, content, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Happy dreaming to all



About Silvia TIC

Welcome to these exercises inside the dimensions of what we are: we are what we dream and think and feel, but we are also the different characters we perform, not just the roles (mother, wife, friend), but those things we call “occupations” or “earning a life”. More than anything, we are part of a giant ecosystem and all what we do connects and impacts others (people, animals, plants, air, water...)

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