Taking Permaculture to the Next Level

Well, not much time to think about nice quotes or long posts….I thought on sharing a bit of what’s my life these days of “blog fasting”, it may also help (me) to stay focused!

Here is where I am now:

  • Still working full time…still switching back and forth between my many “lives”. Don’t get me wrong: I love my job and what I do (working with immigrants to help them to figure out their next steps in their “careers” in Canada)…I get to hear many interesting (and some heart breaking) stories and have the honour to “coach” highly educated people in times where they may feel lost, confused or frustrated. I also get to listen and celebrate the success stories, the failures, the pain and falls and the strength and commitment around those. But working full-time forces me to stay behind walls for most of the day/week and lose the connection with communities and Nature, as well as with furthering my own, self-paced “education”
  • Preparing my first formal Emergency Preparedness and First Aid presentation that will involve Permaculture systems thinking, ethics, principles and strategies. Until now, I have done plenty of these workshops for ESL students, parents at community centres and neighbourhoods, but never to a working/educational farm/Permaculture demonstration site and Co-housing such as O.U.R. Ecovillage. The workshops will include risk and hazards/assets and opportunities assessments. July 26 and 27 (O.U.R. Ecovillage staff only)…
  • Preparing an Intro to Permaculture for the Grassroots Yoga Festival (August 15-17) (tickets here)
  • Taking an awesome and eye opening online coaching/course with Javan from Permaculture BC on “Finding your Function and Niche in Permaculture”…lots of work to do and very short time, but enjoying the connections, the beautiful Permaculture people and their plans, struggles and dreams, so connected with mine in many ways!
  • Taking a course at Edex on Natural Disasters and waiting for a few more to start from Coursera… (on Renewable Energy, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management, Sustainability and Climate Change…)
  • Balcony Permaculture in pots vegetable/herb garden doing great! I still have some “design” to do there as the dog and cats (and the composting bin!) are doing what they do…so more thinking/design is needed to make it shine…
  • Front garden (I’ll post the “before/after” pictures when it is established) is doing so so…this is a really tiny space, a small strip of soil in between the path to my townhouse and the visitor parking…it used to be “public space” and all the poor plants broken and I was not supposed to touch it because the “landscapers” would do that…until I had enough and wrote to the Strata Management that I would take charge and carry whatever liability they wanted me to carry for it (nothing I can do could make it worse than it was!)…so I planted flowers and some shrubs and added fences on the sides to stop people walking over it and dogs doing their thing. I also added some Alyssum to avoid weeds and have a nice flower carpet…until the “landscapers” came last week and took it all! (they probably thought they were “cleaning” as they destroyed all my Alyssum and left the shrubs and tall flowers)…for now I won’t plant any vegetables there. I may plant herbs next time but need to convince them first that I can do it and that that soils shouldn’t be bare!


  • Done with the Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching with Jude Hobbs ate OUR Ecovillage…for those of you who want to get ahead and teach Permaculture, you may want to check her upcoming course here.
  • Finish the translation of David Holmgren’s Crash on Demand (COD). It has been a bit of delay around the team reviewing the last version, but it will be available for downloading (for free) here next week. This is a really interesting piece worth to be discussing (even if you don’t agree with it) among permaculturists, grassroots activists and community organizers, environmentalists and in general anybody concerned about climate change and the future of people…if you want to see my posts and check on other excellent blogs and articles discussions about it, please read here.
  • Finished my presentation about the Green, the Sharing and the Gift economies in the last BCCDA Conference…although the attendees were a small group of people (15-16), the feedback was excellent and the organizers asked me if I was willing to move forward with this topic for a webinar or even a future workshop…will see!
  • The Community Food Mapping workshops/consultations are now done…not many attended and the feedback I got was that my thinking (and vision) is probably too broad/abstract and I may need to adjust my approach so I get to more people and we do more concrete things…I still think we seriously and urgently need a public consultation with real, grassroots, community people to see how they perceive the food system: is it broken? Is it working OK for them? Why or why not? And then, depending on the outcomes, more awareness or intervention/partnerships may be needed (or not)


  • Diploma in Permaculture: this will take longer than I thought. I haven’t started my self-directed plan or designed my Learning Plan at all…have drafted ideas and resources here and there…may need to take time off to dedicate to this! I do suggest to all who want to take Permaculture seriously and use it for both their lives, their households and communities, to start a diploma, even if it is informal: get a mentor (better if is a registered one) or a buddy who is willing to support you and provide feedback, take a few days and plan how you will develop your Permaculture portfolio: this is good for you, for your learning and for your future when you want to get clients for consultations, designs and teaching…
  • Training, training, training: in EP and FA and DM and so many other things…need a double!
  • There are a few small projects, such as coming to The Grove on June 21 and do some “growing your own veggies” and playful intro to both composting and mulching and many others…will try to take pictures and report if I have the time…
  • I think the vision is getting clearer and closer: it is a lend between Permaculture and Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Management/Food Sovereignty/Security and the Right Livelihood…not sure how all will end up, but there are plans for speeding up and revamping the blog (will start posting on one of them soon, check it out here!), plans to start my own small business (lots of branching out and organization/planning still need to happen), plans to move to a more resilient/sustainable house with bigger land and less “house”, plans for two books (yeah!) and so on…


I lied; here are today’s post quotes:

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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