The Fourth of July: Nationalism and Colonialism

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I’ve been feeling a bit strange lately, this post from Carola Hand came just in time…I’m posting it along with my response to her…

Carola: You are my people: what makes people “our” people doesn’t have anything to do with culture (an artificial construct) or race (something invented by those who like to talk about “us” and “them”) or ethnicity (what is that anyways?)…it has to do with what you have expressed here…

Not just I disliked and feared firecrackers all my life, I also fear and dislike any nationalists celebrations, thoughts and encouragements: I’ve seen these destroying the lives of many all around the world, I’ve seen these as a consequence from the sense of entitlement coming from the delusion of being “the chosen” and disconnected from Nature and all the other beings around us…and I have felt so isolated and terribly alone in this…

These last weeks have been increasingly depressing: like a shadow growing inside me, for “no reason”: but there are reasons, many reasons: the reasons you so wisely and beautifully captured in your post, the reasons of ignorance, stupidity, short-term vision and lack of responsibility that seem to be, more and more, part of our civilization.

We try to stay sane and healthy, but how? Sometimes it is too much: how do you fight something like this? How do you fight the destruction of our home when our home is not just our garden and roof, but the entire planet? How do you find “your people” so we are enough to fight this?

Even my language seems oppressive: why do I use the word “fight”? Maybe because this is a struggle, maybe because there is an “us” and “them”: us, the people who care for that Mountain, for that dog and your parakeets, the same people who care about the innocent in Iraq and Syria and Ukraine and in so many other places of the world…the “us” who care about the poor in Brazil left unchecked by the World Cup, and the koala who lost its home when the bulldozers came, and Satao, who was killed for its horns…and we have “them”: the ones sitting in front of millions of TVs screaming when “their” team wins or “their” star shows a new dress, the ones who drive their cars everywhere and fly to the Caribbean because “they deserve it”, or start fire crakers because is “so much fun” or deny climate change…

We are all refugees…

The Fourth of July: Nationalism and Colonialism.

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