Food Fermentation Workshop is Back!

11701051_10153420552263898_7489921991517590304_nWell, we had a lot of fun with the “Food Preservation Series”: we share the basics of fermentation, pickling and canning with groups of 19, 10 and 7 people each time.

As promised, I’ll be posting about food preservation in the upcoming weeks…this blog is about how to implement Permaculture in an urban setting (or wherever you are) and food preservation is a big part of Permaculture.

We will be repeating the “fermentation” workshop on September 12 at the South Surrey/Sources Food Bank, and I’ll be posting the update for details as soon as I have finalized the logistics…

Things are changing fast in my own life, so I may be able to focus more on teaching practical skills to anybody willing to learn and share!

The Food Fermentation on September 12 will include the classic “sauerkraut”  and we will also include other veggies and will learn to make our own apple cider vinegar! (it is said that you need to drink one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar a day to keep yeast and other issues away and have a good microbiome)

Stay tuned and also check the Surrey/White Rock Food Action Coalition here: and Village Surrey in Transition:



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