Windstorm in Vancouver – How Well Prepared Are You?

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Huge trees fell as a result of long drought and then sudden windstorm Huge trees fell as a result of long drought and then sudden windstorm

Last Saturday weather was a big surprise for most people in the Metro Vancouver/Lower Mainland areas: at around 11 am, we had a big wind storm that pulled entire trees from the ground, smashed branches, fences and even roofs: thousands were without power for a few hours and many stayed that way until today (Monday).

I was running a food preservation workshop (canning 101) and the power went off twice, but we were lucky and it came back in a few seconds, but it delayed all the workshop’s cooking and canning as it was irregular.

With so many homes in North America depending on electricity for the basics such as heating, cooking and even communication, it may be time to pay attention to some emergency/disaster preparedness tips.

Believe me: the weather may become even more chaotic with…

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